Particle Board vs Plywood Core Materials

The most important difference is costs. If you are totally opposed to products with a particle board core or if you just like the look of real wood grain and don’t mind spending a little more money on parts of the cabinets that are only exposed when someone opens a cabinet door, then choose Pre-finished Maple or Birch plywood (American made). Be prepared to spend a little more for it and aside from the look of real wood, the benefits are minor. Yes particle board core material can be damaged by water, but any wood product will be damaged by water if left to soak. If your cabinets are being subjected to water from leaky plumbing, you should call a plumber first, fix the leak, clean up any signs of mold, then call Mandina’s to replace those cabinets!

Tip! In high traffic/moisture areas around sinks and cooking areas, always dry your cabinets off. The finish will last much longer! Ask about Deco-Form laminated cabinets and doors or visit decore.com to learn more!

About the Author
Scott Jones is the owner of Mandina's Custom Cabinets. He has worked as a cabinet maker for 32 years and thoroughly enjoys working with people to make their dreams a reality.